Keith Hayes is Executive Producer in the United Kingdom. Mr. Hayes has had a distinguished career as an editor and producer with CBC, BBC, Ulster TV, Reuters TV, PBS, CNBC. He developed independent television in the Balkans, Baltic States, Russia and CIS, Africa and the Gulf for USAid, EU and the British Foreign Office. He is the author of two business TV training books.
Eniko (Eni) Verrall is General Manager of Mirador Television and and Executive with Media Training Company, Irving  International. She is a lawyer, singer, concert pianist and executive with Media Training Company, Irving  International.
Mark Brett-Warburton is Chairman of the Business Committee and a frequent contributor at Mirador. He is an architect and has been the County Councillor for Guildford South East since 2009.
Melissa Conti Winton is Web Manager of Mirador. Ms. Winton has led a distinguished career with The Associated Press in the States as a writer and editor and with Public Broadcasting Service business programs as a presenter and producer.


Anwar Berramou is a caterer and philosopher.
Stephen Catlin is Mayor-Elect of Lewes, UK and a long-time theatre producer in London’s West End.
Mark Landsman is a career journalism in the States, having worked for NBC News in the States for many years.
Paul Myles is the world’s leading authority on Tom Paine, an author and exhibition organiser for events such a Rodin’s The Kiss.
Keith Norman is a professional gardener and holds the honorary position of ‘Bishop’ for most senior bonfire society in Lewes.
Rupert Lloyd Thomas is a broadcaster and co-founder of Rocket Radio in Lewes. He resides in Canada.
Connor Winton is a home chef with plans to become a U.S. Navy pilot.


Graham Addicott is Owner and Director of Award Winning First Freedom TV, producers of more than 50 documentaries for BBC, Diverse, History, C4, C5 and other broadcasters.
Simon Brooksbank is Associate Producer at Reuters TV, Senior Producer WTN, Executive Producer Getty Images, Executive Producer Burger TV Productions.


Dan Bohac, Technical Chief
Blick Rothenberg, Covent Garden, Accountancy
J.R. Hurdley, Legal Advisor

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