Mirador Television is an independent British TV startup, featuring news, history, lifestyles, commentary and documentaries.

The founder, Keith Hayes, who has more than fifty years’ experience in media, great and small, refused to retire and decided to embark on this journey of developing great and innovative television. Hayes has worked in media in more than 40 countries as producer, presenter, journalist, consultant, and reporter.

He has done his front-line stuff with 15 years in Northern Ireland at BBC and ITV, followed by a long stint with Reuters Television as London Anchor of the PBS daily coast to coast business programmes Morning and Nightly Business Reports.

After Reuters, Hayes spent more than a decade in the immediate post war Balkans. Baltic States and the South Caucasus. He was part of the start-up team for Russia Today TV, now simply RT.

He observed in these overseas postings that local radio and television was alive and well in almost every country in the world, except the UK. For some reason, he says, UK governance cannot think micro. It always must be macro. As local media shrinks, so governance gets worse and taxes rise. Hayes determined that his own area Lewes, should have a watchdog. 

Responding to a Harvard University report which confirmed these finding, Mirador Television was born.

Mirador means a little turret or castle. The era of incredible smart phone and computer app explosion now makes small scale broadcasting quite inexpensive, so Mirador is now on the air with a mixture of news, information, and entertainment.


Keith Hayes is Owner and Executive Producer of Mirador Television. Mr. Hayes has had a distinguished career as an editor and producer with CBC, BBC, Ulster TV, Reuters TV, PBS, CNBC. He developed independent television in the Balkans, Baltic States, Russia and CIS, Africa and the Gulf for USAid, EU and the British Foreign Office. He is the author of two business TV training books.


Stephen Catlin is Mayor-Elect of Lewes, UK and a long-time theatre producer in London’s West End and reports on local politics and the arts for Mirador.

Alex Hoare is Mirador’s gardening expert.

Mark Landsman is a career journalism in the States, having worked for NBC News in the States for many years.


Graham Addicott is Owner and Director of Award Winning First Freedom TV, producers of more than 50 documentaries for BBC, Diverse, History, C4, C5 and other broadcasters.

Simon Brooksbank is Associate Producer at Reuters TV, Senior Producer WTN, Executive Producer Getty Images, Executive Producer Burger TV Productions.


Dan Bohac, Technical Chief

Blick Rothenberg, Covent Garden, Accountancy

J.R. Hurdley, Legal Advisor