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A local weekly TV show with a difference.

Sir Jenry & Mr Stick- A new way of looking at English History

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Mr Stick
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Keith Hayes trudging

The Bloody Past   Episode 1 Keith Hayes trudges up hills

Lewes Airport       A Special Guest for a Special Party

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Park floral disply

Southover Park  The serene side of Lewes


Dandelion Charm   Voices to Charm the birds from the…….

Plus information and insight into local events

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The Bloody Past of a Tiny Town

An 8 part series that tells of the blood spilled on the Hight Street of a small English town over a 1000 year period. This is an ongoing series with events in other English towns spotlighted by our roving reporter

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What’s In a Name  Series 1

A look at the similarities between American Cities and their British Counterparts

  • Lewes East Sussex              Lewes Delaware
  • Windsor Berkshire            Windsor Connecticut
  • Dover Kent                            Dover Delaware
  • Wilmington East Sussex   Wilmington Delaware
  • Newhaven East Sussex     Newhaven Connecticut
  • London                                  London Connecticut

The Villages

A stroll through the villages of the remote villages of the Ouse Valley.

Iford with its pre Norman church, Southease once a town of fisheries, Telscombe with no roads in… or out, Piddinghoe once the home of smugglers, Rodmell with King Harald’s manor house and home of Virginia Wolfe, and Rottingdene, owned by Lewes Priory and sacked by the French


Starring Andy the window cleaner, Tom the Gardener, Kath the cook, David the Vintner, Kathy the Publican and other assorted people, viewing the ordinary things of life through the eyes of the man who cleans windows.

The Prisoner

A Trilogy of three Russian lives in Britain produced by Mike Payne, beginning with the life of a prisoner in Lewes during the Crimea War.